• Toxitoad pup
  • Hilltopper pup
  • Jetcrab pup
  • Icelion pup
  • Flameclaw pup
  • Chop-Chop pup
Capture a Toxitoad/Hilltopper pup

Capture a Jetcrab/Icelion pup

Capture a Flameclaw/Chop-Chop pup


His company is flying Keni out of Japan for his safety. He needs you to have a copy of his InviZimals just in case.

Look at an orange/red surface.

Catch Toxitoad/Hilltopper.

Look at a brown/light blue surface.

Catch Jetcrab/Icelion.

Look at a dark blue/green surface.

Catch Flameclaw/Chop-Chop.