InviZimals: TV Tracker

InviZimals- TV Tracker Icon
Developer Novarama
Appearances All InviZimals appearing

in the TV Show

Platform ios, android

Description Edit

Join the hunt on your television and your mobile device!

Finally, you can follow the adventures of Hiro , Lima and Sam , the Invizimals hunters, in our world… and in the Invizimals world too. The Z1 unit of hunters needs you, and only you can help them.

Have your Invizimals App ready while you are enjoying the TV show. When the special AR marker appears on your TV screen, aim your app and capture the Invizimal!

Each episode brings brand new adventures and new Invizimals to capture. Remember: only the best hunters know all the techniques. Scratch. Turn and shake. Follow carefully the expert instructions and the Invizimal will be yours. And, if you run out of time, try it again during the final credits.

Check your catalogue, there you’ll see all the Invizimals you have captured, and make them fight in the arenas. Who is the strongest, Jungleus or Vortex ? Enter and discover it, or take photos and share them from your mobile device.

The hunt starts here: 

* Aim at your television when the AR marker appears to begin capturing the Invizimal. 

* Check your collection in the catalogue. 

* Make them fight in the nine available arenas… and discover who will be the winner!

Important notes for Invizimals hunters:  

* This App works during the broadcast of Invizimals episodes on TV. Have the app loaded on the “TV Capture” option while you are watching the episode, and when the AR marker appears, aim at it to begin. 

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