InviZimals: The Alliance

InviZimals- The Alliance Box Art
Developer Novarama
Platforms Playstation Vita
Release Date PAL: October 30,2013

NA: September 30,2014

Cross-play InviZimals: The Lost Kingdom

Description Edit

To Capture, Battle and Train Them:

Unleash again your hunting skills, as the renowned creature hunting game Invizimals is back with new fantastic action and mysterious powers! Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom and Invizimals: The Alliance will once again capture the attention and interest of fans. Be thrilled in capturing, battling and training them using your PS Vita camera or explore the massive and enigmatic world of Invizimals like never before, because for the first time, they’ll be roaming around on PS3! To add more excitement to the game, players of the two platforms can connect with each other by sharing your evolve character or fight another Invizimals Hunters in co-op battle arenas.

Hunt Them with your PS Vita:

Invizimals are all over the place and only your PS Vita can see them! Taking advantage of PS Vita’s power, Invizimals: The Alliance will provide never ending fun to fans! Hunt and capture Invizimals using art augmented technology; boost their capabilities and build a collection of over 140 distinctive creatures! The game utilize the PS Vita features like the touch screen, rear touch pad, motion sensor and the rear camera to help the Invizimals create a safe sanctuary and defend them from the arrival of a very dangerous enemy.

Stumble into “The Lost Kingdom” in PS3:

After accidentally opening the portal between two worlds, Hiro stumbles into “The Lost Kingdom”, a fantastical new world of Invizimals. Take on the role of Hiro and venture the world of Invizimals for the first time! Experience the transformation and change into 16 of all-time favorite Invizimals, master their special power and abilities to save the Lost Kingdom against a powerful robot army. Discover the remarkable diverse environment and six exotic worlds while you travel by land, air and sea.

List of InviZimals Edit

  1. Air Dragon ** ★
  2. Arcanoid **
  3. Audrey
  4. Bangarang **
  5. Bantam **
  6. Barkbot **
  7. Big Sarge **
  8. Bongorilla
  9. Bratbat
  10. Chupacabra
  11. Coralee **
  12. Cyclops
  13. Desert Dragon
  14. Fire Dragon
  15. Firecracker
  16. Flameclaw
  17. Gold Dragon
  18. Gotica
  19. Gryphon **
  20. Hermit
  21. Hilltopper
  22. Ice Dragon
  23. Icelion
  24. Jester **
  25. Jetcrab
  26. Jungle Dragon
  27. Kraken
  28. Metalmutt
  29. Minotaur
  30. Neko-Suke
  31. Ocelotl
  32. Phoenix **
  33. Porcupain
  34. Pyro **
  35. Rattleraptor
  36. Roarhide
  37. Rock Dragon
  38. Roboquito
  39. Salma
  40. Scuttle **
  41. Shapeshifter
  42. Shellshocked
  43. Shizoku
  44. Skully **
  45. Skytalon
  46. Sky Jack **
  47. Snowcaster
  48. Star Dragon
  49. Steel Dragon ** ★
  50. Stingwing
  51. Sux Ion **
  52. Tigershark
  53. Toxitoad
  54. T-Bone **
  55. Trucktor **
  56. Uberjackal
  57. Vortex **
  58. Xiong Mao
  59. Yeti

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