About The GameEdit

Invizimals The Lost Tribes Logo

The game logo

Release Date Edit

InviZimals: The Lost Tribes was released in Europe on November 2011. It continues from where Shadow Zone left off and has 78 InviZimals disincluding evolutions.

Game Details Edit

The game locations include Athens, the Antartic and Kyoto, The Wave, Kyoto Caves, Thailand, Bhutan, China, Mexico, Madagascar, The Arctic and The Amazon Jungle. The Game also includes, after popular demand, TAG TEAM MODE!!! The player picks two InviZimals (better if you could get two that covers each others weakneses, like a strong attacker with low defense and a weak attacker with high defense) and fight them against another pair. 5 BRAND NEW DRAGONS are included, including the one that is caught as a PUP!!! Also, to honour the games release, Media Molecule, the creators of little big planet, have gotten the pictures of four of the most popular InviZimals and made a Little Big Planet InviZimals kit!! And to wrap it all up, 7 NEW DARK INVIZIMALS!!! Learn their names on the the Dark InviZimals page.

List of InviZimals Edit

  1. Audrey
  2. Bonesnapper
  3. Bratbat
  4. Cerberus
  5. Chachacha
  6. Chupacabra
  7. Cyclops
  8. Dark Bratbat
  9. Dark Flameclaw
  10. Dark Hilltopper
  11. Dark Icelion
  12. Dark Jetcrab
  13. Dark Metalmutt
  14. Dark Phalamos
  15. Dark Rattleraptor
  16. Dark Tigershark
  17. Dark Uberjackal
  18. Dark Xiong Mao
  19. Dark Xue Hu
  20. Daxter
  21. Desert Dragon
  22. Diamond Dragon
  23. Erebus
  24. Firecracker
  25. Fire Dragon
  26. Flameclaw
  27. Fossilizaur
  28. Freezefur
  29. Frostee
  30. Fusion
  31. Gold Dragon
  32. Gorgon
  33. Gotica
  34. Griffonator
  35. Hermit
  36. Hilltopper
  37. Hydra
  38. Ice Dragon
  39. Icelion
  40. Jetcrab
  41. Jungle Dragon
  42. Jungleus
  43. Kabuto-Robo
  44. Kukulkan
  45. Koi
  46. Lightning Dragon
  47. Lizard Queen
  48. Metalmutt
  49. Minotaur
  50. Neko-Suke
  51. Ocean Dragon
  52. Ocelotl
  53. Pahoehoe
  54. Phalamos
  55. Raptor
  56. Rattleraptor
  57. Roboquito
  58. Rock Dragon
  59. Runglerbot
  60. Salma
  61. Sandflame
  62. Shapeshifter
  63. Shellshocked
  64. Shenlong
  65. Snowcaster
  66. Spectral Dragon
  67. Star Dragon
  68. Stingwing
  69. Tanuki
  70. Terrorteeth
  71. Tigershark
  72. Uberjackal
  73. Usako
  74. Xiong Mao
  75. Xue Hu
  76. Yeti
  77. Zaglossus

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