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Welcome to InviZimals wiki. We try to get everything on the site right so if you notice a mistake in grammar, facts or in general anything you find wrong, don't be afraid to fix it! So far we have 244 articles and they all might need editing, so if you find anything you could fix or expand on, edit it and help us become a larger community.

Current Goal: To finish all InviZimals creature pages (with additions of Infoboxes of pup , colt , and max), How to captures ( no need for separate pages , search the invizimal instead) and find the concept arts of each InviZimal (credit of the artist is required).

What is InviZimals?



the E3 trailer for invizimals

InviZimals is a augmented reality collectible creature video game developed by Novarama and the game requires a PSP's camera attachment and a physical "trap" square-shaped device used as a fiduciary marker. Invizimals requires the player to hunt and capture these creatures within the real world, using the concept of augmented reality.

Invizimals is a role playing game, involving players capturing and raising different species of creatures, and allowing the player to battle with them. In order to capture a creature the player must hunt these creatures within the real world, augmented reality, a camera attachment for the PlayStation Portable, and a physical "trap" square-shaped device used as a 2D matrix marker. These monsters are spawned at different environments (determined by colors of surfaces and time of day), and the trap is used to capture the monsters. Once captured, players are able to raise and level their monsters, and allow them to learn different attacks that can be used in battle. Players can also use the trap to view their monsters, and take pictures of their collection through use of the augmented reality technology.


Invizimals are animals from the age of the dinosaurs. When a meteor struck earth some creatures took in so much radiation they became invisible! One day, a PSP R&D sicentist named Kenichi Nakamura dicovered a Stingwing hovering around his lab. He had created a new update that allowed the PSP to see InviZimals! Afterwards he contacts you and teaches you how to catch them. He tells you to meet prof. bob dawson. After dawson teaches you how to fight, your'e contacted by keni. If you dont have it, get the game to find out all there is to know about the creatures nobody has seen in 700 years.


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