Color White
Appearances InviZimals
Element Rock

Biography Edit

Some Invizimals have discovered the power of electricity, but neither does it with such precision and skill as Skeletail, the two-tailed Invizimal. The Skeletail can use its two tails like electric weapons: only needs a touch to send a powerful current through the body of your enemy, causing an electrical burn.

Appearance Edit

Skeletail is a rare rock invizimal that is normaly unobtainable in invizimals. You need to find a trap online that attracts skeletail. first you need to press select, up, right, down then left. Then it says "Capture secret." "You have unlocked the biggest capture secret of all!" You enter the big secret and scan this trap.

Skeletail trap

Stats Edit

Life 260

Resistance 224

Recharge 14

Attack 12

Power 16