Mutant stingwing max

A mutant stingwing max.

Color Red,Blue,White
Appearances InviZimals

InviZimals: Shadow Zone

InviZimals: The Lost Tribes

InviZimals: The Alliance

Element Fire


In pup form, Stingwing is small and red with white markings resembling diamonds and V shapes. She also has

four wings, four arms and two tails, making her have 2.5 times the joints of a human. In colt form it has darker eyes, sharper fangs and she does'nt have any more diamond shaped markings. She is also a darker red. In max form, she

has tear shaped tails with sharp ends and hooked claws instead of pincers. She is alot taller and has maroon parts throughout her body. In mutant form, it is pink where its white on the pup and colt and yellow where it is red on all three forms. On max form, the maroon parts are pink.

Biography Edit

Stingwing was the first invizimal Kenichi ever captured. A playful insect, don't let her looks decieve you: Stingwing can generate powerful electrical shocks that make her as attractive... as she is dangerous. Experienced players never underestimate them in combat.

How to captureEdit

Invizimals Shadow Zone : Say no when asked if you played Invizimals 1

InviZimals The Lost Tribes: Stay quiet and quiet until you pose then crush it with little force.

In-Game ApperancesEdit

Stingwing is an early invizimal,her or iornbug being the first one you capture in invizimals and if you didn't play the first invizimals she was the first you'd get in invizimals shadow zone. The Berlin club member Wilfred had a colt and the Petra club boss Mahomoud had one in Max form. Also, Jazmine uses one in the Barcelona club tournament in shadow zone.


Stingwing is a fire invizimal. Stingwing is an all around invizimal with a high stamina stat. Stingwing's strong attack is a poison attack, making her good at fighting Ocean invizimals. Shes also okay at fighting Fire invizimals as her Quick attack is a slice. I used a mutant stingwing in fights against Wilfred and Rudi in the Berlin club since she was level 1 and she won them all. Stingwing may be the first invizimal but its a good fighter.

Stats On Level OneEdit

  • PupGo to this page if you want to know about the first mission.
  • Mutant maxGo to The Mutant Page to Find out how to get yourself a mutant.
  • Max
  • Ironbug pupGo to the Ironbug page for more on this helmeted warrior beetle.
  • Scan to catch stingwing

Life 100

stamina 140

stamina recovery 5

attack 13

armour 3